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Books 16 and 17 - 2010

Book 16: From Modernism to Postmodernism: An Anthology edited by Lawrence Cahoone – 600 pages

Description from Amazon:
This revised and expanded second edition of Cahoone's classic anthology provides an unparalleled collection of the essential readings in modernism and postmodernism.
• Places contemporary debate in the context of the criticism of modernity since the seventeenth century.
• Chronologically and thematically arranged.
• Indispensable and multidisciplinary resource in philosophy, literature, cultural studies, social theory, and religious studies.

So it took me four years to finish this book. I first picked it up in 2007, when I was studying a subject called Sociological Theory at uni – part of my Arts degree (I majored in sociology). I read the first 40 pages during that semester, and from then on, vowed that no matter how long it took me, I would finish the book. And finally now I have. Essentially, this book is a series of pieces from works by both modernist and post-modernist writers. Some I didn’t understand, some I did, some I appreciated, some I hated, some I agreed with, some I didn’t. I don’t remember half of them anymore, but I’m glad I did what I set out to do – I finished…two years after I graduated from university. If I wasn’t already studying something else (Graduate Diploma in Accounting – I also have an accounting degree) I would think that such a milestone indicated it was time to return to the books!

16 / 50 books. 32% done!

5523 / 15000 pages. 37% done!

Book 17: Divine Beginnings by P.C. Cast – 71 pages

Description from Amazon:
Go back in time, fifty years before the events of New York Times bestselling author P.C. Cast's Partholon books...
Something isn't right at Guardian Castle, and Aine can't figure out what. As Healer, she's supposed to be making things better, but there's a darkness that can't be brightened. And then Aine finds an injured Fomorian--winged, dark, blood-thirsty and inherently evil. Or is he? Because there's something about Tegan that Aine can't resist...and once they've shared blood, Aine realizes that everything she's always believed is going to be cast aside....

Given I’d finished all the other Partholon books, I figured I’d wrap up my experience in that world in a manner similar to how I ended my time in the Harry Potter world – by reading a little spin-off piece! This story is a prequel, set fifty years before Divine by Mistake, staring the same evil species, the Fomorians, that appeared in all five Partholon books. The evil Nuada, the villain in Divine by Mistake, Divine By Choice and Divine By Blood, appears in this one, proving that the Fomorians are indeed long lived. The story, rather weakly I must admit, explains how the Fomorian invasion that occurred in Divine by Mistake managed to happen. The whole plots a little poor – the female lead falls for the male love interest (who’s from an evil species but is altogether a good guy, of course) with little effort and within a heartbeat she’s willing to give up her whole life for him. These kind of love stories bug me, I must say, as I feel it undermines the whole paranormal romance genre (even though I must admit that most paranormal romances are much like this) – it’s the one thing I try to do differently in my own paranormal romance story because it annoys me so much. Having said that, it was a decent end to what was a hit and miss series, brilliant in parts, downright terrible in others. You win some, you lose some!

17 / 50 books. 34% done!

5594 / 15000 pages. 37% done!

Still so much catching up to do in the reviewing stakes, but its after midnight here right now and I'm way too tired to bother!

Currently reading:
- The Constant Princess
by Philippa Gregory – 486 pages
- Your Planet or Mine?
by Susan Grant – 379 pages
- Angels and Demons
by Dan Brown – 620 pages

And coming up:
- The Glass Castle
by Jeannette Walls – 341 pages
- She’s Such a Geek: Women write about Science, Technology & other nerdy stuff
edited by Annalee Newitz and Charlie Anders – 223 pages
- The Boleyn Inheritance
by Philippa Gregory – 514 pages
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