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Books 91-92

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

Somehow I missed this Sookie Stackhouse book along the way (that would explain why I felt like I was missing something with the book about her brother and his wife). In this book Sookie has been drafted by Sophie-Anne, a truly ancient vampires and Queen of Louisiana to help at a vampire summit. Sophie-Anne is reeling from both Hurricane Katrina which has devastated her New Orleans home and from accusations of murdering her vampire husband, King of Arkansas. Sookie was present for that and will function as both witness that the king provoked the fight and lost and to scan the brains of the humans with the other vampires.

A lot is riding on this. Even Eric and Bill are threatened by this trial Sophie-Anne is facing. In the course of this Sookie found herself working with Catildies, the demon go-to guy for the queen and his niece and the queen’s murderous human lawyer. At the summit she learns the king of Texas has brought his own telepathy, the return of Barry the Bellboy. They’re staying in a vampire hotel with protestors, the violent anti-vampire group Fellowship of the Sun, outside plotting something.

The plot goes in three or four different ways. Who killed Sophie-Anne’s accusers? Who planted the bomb outside the queen’s door? What is Quinn – Sookie’s newest boyfriend – big secret? What is the Fellowship plotting?
The plot does hang together very well though occasionally Sookie is acting a bit childish where Bill is concerned and this is a bit annoying. Also this is one of the latter books in the series and Harris seems to be falling into the Mary Sue trap so many other urban fantasy writers do where in EVERY male around wants the female lead. I do not need to see Sookie chasing down a new guy every time. I’m good with the idea that she might even be in a committed relationship. Sigh.

Over all it’s a good story but the ending was rushed and Sookie gets into her judgmental mindset as she does every so often. I minded the rushing more. That’s the trouble with trying to write a tense action scene is sometimes it gets a bit muddy.

Fullmetal Alchemist #22 by Hiromu Arakawa

Pride has consumed Gluttony making the child-like homunculus supremely dangerous until Alphonse comes up with a plan. Unfortunately this plan means he and Ed and their father have to separate. Ed and Hohenheim head to Central to find Father. In the meantime both Olivia and her men and Mustang and his gang are trying to take the city. Elsewhere Bradley’s generals enact part of his longstanding plan while Kimbley is on the move. This is still one of the finest manga out there. Obviously, this isn’t a starting point for a new reader but it’s a goal worth reading toward.
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