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Book 10: Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes

Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes--and How to Correct Them by Gary Belsky [link]

As an economics major interested in behavioral economics, this book seemed like it would be very interesting to me. I have to say I really enjoyed the read, and it's a book that even the average person would enjoy. The book is definitely not boring, and features real life examples that anyone could relate to.

From Amazon: Why do so many otherwise rational individuals make irrational decisions when it comes to money? The book shows readers how to understand exactly why they invest, spend, and save as they do. More importantly, using examples that everyone can identify with and language that anyone can understand, the authors offer dozens of workable suggestions that can help readers manage their money better.

Up Next: Back to college, so I'll have to see what I can get from the library. (Although I'll have a lot less time to read. :()

10 / 50 books ~ 20% done!

2994 / 15000 pages ~ 20% done!

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