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Gwyn Raven

Book #44 -- Toby Barlow, Sharp Teeth, 324 pages.

The sheer originality of this book amazing. A werewolf (well, more like were-dog) story set in LA, involving criminal schemes, star-crossed love, and a startlingly real examination of both human and canine behavior - all presented in free verse.

But don't let the poetry aspect dissuade you - the book reads like a graphic novel or a story told in text messages. All the extraneous details are stripped away leaving only the frenetic action and raw emotions of the story. It does have a large cast of characters and a number of interweaving plots that can be confusing at times, but my copy at least came with a handy Dramatis Personae section to help out there.

Progress toward goals: 228/365 = 62.5%

Books: 44/100 = 44.0%

Pages: 12590/25000 = 50.4%

2010 Book List

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