T (tigergladys) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Books 27 - 28

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow (Kindle) - The scenario presented in this book (government persecuting teenaged revolutionaries) actually reminded me more of the current situation in the middle east than anything going on in the US of A. Although it is a terrifying future to consider. I really appreciated the bookstore reviews that start out every chapter of the ebook version.

American Shaolin by Matthew Polly - The reviews for this book are a little harsh, I think. The way I read it, it was one dude's perspective of his experiences in China while studying kungfu. It was not really meant to be a broad analytical analysis of Chinese culture from a western perspective. It was interesting for me to read, even though I knew nothing about kungfu. The story is not dull or dry at any point. I especially appreciated the final chapter, where the author returns to Shaolin 10 years after he studied there originally, and follows up with his coaches and friends. This was a great piece of travel writing.

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