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John Irving – My movie business


John Irving – My movie business

Thursday March 18 was a special day. I have had books signed by authors before; I have spoken to some. Yet someone as big as Irving coming to a lunch interview near me and me getting in with a bag of books (okay, I exaggerate: 3) to be signed was special.

I had to choose. Not wanting to show up with more than a dozen books, I had to pick some. This book was an easy choice. Hardcover, autobiographical, the man himself on the front page, this certainly was the book to get an autograph in.

When I queued I was told of for bringing three books, but as I was one of the last ones, I got away with it. The man himself sat at a table, reading glasses, black pen and working his way to the few dozens that had shown up. He must have signed a few hundred books and left after that. Not a word from one of my favourite authors, yet I was content and went home chirpy.

Immediately I decided to read this book, the only one I hadn’t read yet (apart from his latest novel, which was sold for such a huge prize, I couldn’t afford it then, the paperback will be out soon). Not a novel, but the story behind some of his books adapted into major movies. Most of the time it referred to “The cider house rules”, in which Irving appeared (cameo), but also the only movie he wrote the screenplay for.

Interesting to read about the differences between a novel and a screenplay. On the other hand, I could have lived happily ever after not having read about it. I enjoy reading his huge novels, like some better than others, but am never disappointed by them. I have also enjoyed some of the movies made after his novels, even though Irving himself doesn’t always seem to agree with the liberty some of the directors took.

Interesting book, great to have it signed, looking forward to a new novel.

Quote: “All writers repeat themselves; repetition is the necessary concomitant of having anything worthwhile to say. In another life, Fuzzy Stone became Owen Meany. Thus, when I saw Fuzzy die in his breathing tent, I was doubly moved – Owen Meany dies prematurely, too.” (p.139/140)

Number: 10-021
Title: My movie business
Author: John Irving
Language: English (US)
Year: 1999
# Pages: 175 (4154)
Category: Memoir
ISBN: 0-375-50368-4

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