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The House of A Drifting Bullet; Brave Abuela Cosechando Fiestas; Gnome Deluge

A Drifting Life, by Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Excellent, visually moving autobiography by a venerable manga artist known for his realistic approach to storytelling. I enjoyed the slices of Japanese history included in the story. The interpersonal stuff is very show-don't-tell, which makes it more powerful for me than emotively lush descriptions would be.

Bullet, by Laurell K. Hamilton
I do love me some trashy novels from time to time.

The House of Tomorrow, by Peter Bognanni
Absolutely brilliant and original. This book swept me up into its narrator's world. Also it is full of Bucky Fuller and punk and emotional satisfaction.

Las abuelas de Liliana, by Leyla Torres, Cosechando esperanza : la historia de César Chávez, by Kathleen Krull and Fiestas populares de America Latina
Still not a good enough reader in Spanish to say much about the quality of these picture books. I thought the one about César Chávez was really interesting and the one about the kids' two grammas was heartwarming. Also they both had beoooooootiful illustrations. Fiestas populares didn't do much for me.
(135/200, 136/200, 137/200)

Brave Story, by Miyuki Miyabe
This book was WAY too long and mixed genres / tones in a weird way. But I liked it quite a lot. It reminded me of Chronotrigger for some fairly indirect reasons, strongly enough that I was having 16-bit images flash through my head as I read the book (mostly during the dialogue-heavy parts). Glad I read it but I won't be rushing out to find more of the author's work - 824 hardcover pages was more than enough to keep me for a good long while. I bet when I was thirteen I would have adored it though .... it's a bit like Eragon only with different cultural assumptions and better writing. But it scratches the same itch.

Cat and Gnome by Graham Roumieu
Strangely cute and compelling. <3.

A. D.: New Orleans After the Deluge, by Josh Neufeld
Thoughtful and well-made. Like an Atlantic article, only with more drawings than text. I approve.

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