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August 2010 Reading!

August reading:

53. Drinking Midnight Wine, by Simon R. Green (336 pages)
Not what I'd call his best book, but entertaining. The characterization is off a bit, in my opinion. Interesting world-building, but had trouble with parts of it. Felt rushed.

54. Torchwood: Something in the Water, by Trevor Baxendale (249 pages)
I was really glad to see that my new library has a ton of these. This one was pretty good, though the writing is a bit clunky at times. I like how it plays with old cautionary tales. Fun.

55. Torchwood: Trace Memory, by David Llewellyn (251 pages)
Really rather fascinating sci-fi concept. Felt really bad for Jack.

56. Torchwood: The Twilight Streets, by Gary Russell (253 pages)
Bilis returns. Fun story. Jack's a man-whore, but we all already know that.

57. Torchwood: Skypoint, by Phil Ford (251 pages)
Revolved around the UST between Tosh and Owen. Really good.

58. Torchwood: Almost Perfect, by James Goss (251 pages)
Genderbending awesomeness. Best trope ever. Female!Ianto is LOL.

59. Artemis Fowl: The Atlantis Complex, by Eoin Colfer (432 pages)
Totally awesome. Kind of wondering what'll happen in the next book. Favorite little non-spoiler bits: references to Gordon Ramsey and Mexican wrestling.

60. Black Magic Sanction, by Kim Harrison (478 pages)
Yet another adventure of Rachel Morgan. This book really kicked all sorts of ass.

61. Torchwood: Into the Silence, by Sarah Pinorough (239 pages)
Not my favorite Torchwood, but pretty good. The description on the back is inaccurate.

62, Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins (390 pages)
Beautiful and terrible at the same time. Definitely a stellar ending to this trilogy!

August book pages: 3,130

Total book pages: 20,521

Progress: 62/100

Next on my list: More Torchwood, Jocelynn Drake, Doctor Who, whatever else I want


47. Dragon Knights Volume 1, by Mineko Ohkami (190 pages)
48. Dragon Knights Volume 2, by Mineko Ohkami (200 pages)

August comic book/manga pages: 390

Total comic book/manga pages: 9,079

Progress: 48/50

Next on my list: several Doctor Who comics, Dragon Knights, Hunter x Hunter, issues of Shonen Jump

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