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# 50 Seeing a Large Cat

Seeing a Large Cat

Elizabeth Peters

During the 1903 season in Egypt, someone seems to want to direct Emerson and Amelia to excavate a hidden, unrecorded tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Of course, Amelia's nose for mysteries is already quivering. Why is someone trying to direct them to tomb 20-a? Whose tomb is it? Who is it that is trying to get them to excavate that particular tomb and why?

Naturally, Emerson dismisses Amelia's intuition...until they uncover a previously unknown tomb...where they find a recently deceased and mumified body.

It will take all of the skill that the entire Emerson clan has to unravel this mystery.

Of course there is a colorful cast of secondary characters, as always. Cln. Bellingham and his coquettish daughter, Dolly, and the medium Mrs. Whitney-Jones, who isn't above taking money from gullible people, in exchange for putting on a good show.

I'm really surprised that the Amelia Peabody series has maintained both its quality and my interest for so long. I am still loving it! The warmth of the Summer of Amelia Peabody has not yet cooled!


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