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Dealing With Dragons - The first in a series, and a reread, but a good book nonetheless.
Reflex - Sequel to Jumper, which is an amazing book, but this one doesn't quite live up to the original.
Melting Stones - There's a lot of badassery in this book, albeit juvenile badassery. The stuff with the volcano was awesome.
Dragon and Thief - I love the DragonBack books.
Dragon and Soldier - Ditto that ^^^.
Shadow - Typical DnD based book. Relatively boring, but I finished it anyway because it was a pretty easy read.
Wizard's First Rule - Again, I love this book. Another reread. One of the better written books in the series.
Stone of Tears - Sequel to Wizard's First Rule. Also not a bad book. Although, by the end, it does start to get a bit... Meh.
Winds of Fate - More Lackey books.
Winds of Change -
Winds of Fury - 
Owlflight - 
Owlsight - 
Owlknight - 
Storm Warning - 
Storm Rising - 
Storm Breaking - Through to here is Lackey books. I was on a stint of rereading them.
Inda - Utterly awesome new book, and I'm about halfway through the sequel. For some reason I can't make myself sit down to it, though.
The Way of Shadow - Utter disappointment of a book that had so much potential. I didn't truly read the last quarter of it, but I skimmed it well enough.
Naked in Death - Murder mystery. Pretty typical. Fun, but not a deep book. At all.
Glory in Death - 
Immortal in Death - 
Rapture in Death - 
Vengeance in Death - Ditto for the rest of them.

So, I'm through 30 of 50. Not too bad, considering. I'll probably kick into gear sometime soon and blister though the rest.

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