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books 111-112

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

You can’t really review philosophical or religious texts easily so I’m not really going to try. This is of course the basis of Taoism. It’s an interesting concept, some things clear and beautiful; others are uh what and still other ideas that are so opposite to human nature they seem a little impossible. It’s something anyone with an interest in the aforementioned topics should read. This is a reread for me.

Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Secrets for Modern Living by Dr. Serge Kahili King

I have to confess, I bought this less for the self help aspects of it than for the fact I know next to nothing about indigenous Polynesian culture. After reading this, I’m still not sure I know much.

Every chapter opens with some Hawaiian saying or belief and then expounds on it. It’s much like almost any other self help/ self actualization/ positive thinking text. They’re all basically very similar. How to be happier. How to get more inner strength. How to manage money etc. I didn’t see anything ground breaking in this. That’s not to say it wasn’t an enjoyable read. I do think that if you can manage several main concepts put forth here, you might actually be happier in your own skin. However, I would have liked more on the Hawaiian culture and less on King’s other writings. I’m alright with a little self promotion but by the time you’re in the thick of the book, he’s referencing several other books and this ended up feeling more like an infomercial for himself than it was like a serious book. That did bother me and I stopped reading several times. It took me way longer than it should have to get through.
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