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19/50 Codeine Diary by Tom Andrews

     I was drawn to this book by the complete title,  "Codeine Diary: true confessions of a reckless hemophiliac" and a sentence on the back of the book, "...this is a book about the human desire to inhabit the world fully no matter what the cost."  It's not really a story, but snippets of time from the mind of the author as he deals with his latest bleed. Apparently, internal bleeds are very painful and the author relies on codeine to help him. He writes prose, he write poetry, he writes in flashback.  Some of the snippets are from when he is narcotized and some are not. The drugged out moments are the moments that interest me the most. The most thought provoking is when he says that pain has no content, only a shell in which nothing else can flourish. Don't get me wrong, this isn't all about pain and suffering. It's about how you can have pain sometimes and use that pain to elucidate the purpose of living.

3/5 stars

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