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October Reads

78.  Hearts on a String by Kris Radish  This book has an interesting concept though not a realistic one. It is unrealistic to think that five women would spend four days together in a hotel room after only knowing each other for less than an hour. Each of the women have secrets of their own to tell which comes out during their time together. The ending of the book though is far fetched though the relationship aspect is realistic.
79.  Maggie by Charles Martin  This is an interesting book that I read for book club.  It describes one couple's life after the wife comes out of a coma that she was in after delivering their stillborn son.  The two of them are dealing with the possibility that they would not be able to have any children of their own which is hard in the town that they live in since their best friends are expecting another child.  The ending is unexpected and not what you would expect from Christian fiction.  The two of them are also dealing with the grief of losing their unborn son.
80.  Bulls Island by Dorothea Benton Frank  This book is about two young people who were engaged but due to circumstances in their lives separated.  J.D. Langley's family did not approve of his fiancee Betts McGee.  After she tragically loses her mother she moves to New York cutting off all contact from her family in Charleston, SC.  J.D. is stuck in a loveless marriage when circumstances bring the two together again with Betts keeping a huge secret from everyone.  This is a good beach read since it is set in a coastal town and the storyline is easy to follow.
81. Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver
82.  Heat Wave by Richard Castle 
83.  Cane River
by Lalita Tademy  This is a fictional account of the author's own family history.  She does a good job of showing how the conditions were for female African Americans during and after slavery in Louisiana.  It shows the different class systems that the African Americans had amongst themselves during this time period.  The freed blacks were at the top of the class system, the house slaves were in the middle and the field hands were at the bottom rung of the ladder.  The women in her family wanted their children to have lighter skin so that they could have a better life for their children and hopefully their children could pass for white.  The white women in their lives also were at the mercy of their husbands and male relatives.  She also demonstrates the prejudice that people had against people of different races being in a romantic relationship.  The book ends in the 1930s during the Jim Crow era where blacks were still seen as second class to whites.
84.  Have a Little Faith: The Story of a Last Request  by Mitch Albom  This is the story of an eighty two year old rabbi from Mitch's old synagogue making a last request of him, to deliver his eulogy at his funeral.  In order to prepare for his eulogy he gets to know the rabbi better and in the process meets an African American Christian pastor who preaches to the poor and homeless.  Both men teach him a lot about faith and God.  The two men are leaders in two different faiths and minister to those from different socioeconomic backgrounds but their spiritual needs are the same.  Mitch gets to know more about the homeless in his current hometown through Pastor Henry Covington's ministry.
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