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Book 61 for 2010

City of Bones by Martha Wells. 442 pages

Well realised post-apocalyptic fantasy, set in a world which has been nearly denuded of water by the rising of the Waste a thousand years before.

Khat is a despised krismen, making a living in the city of Charisat by dealing in relics from the time of the Ancients before the Waste rose. When a high-ranking Patrician offers him work as a guide to one of the mysterious Ancient Remnants out in the Waste, Khat knows it can only mean trouble, but his curiosity won't let him ignore the chance to find out more.

As with the other Martha Wells book I've read, (The Death of the Necromancer) I was hugely impressed by her ability to create a complex and believable society inhabited by interesting and sympathetic characters. Rob also remarked on the way she can create a vivid picture of the setting with only a few well-crafted sentences.

Hugely enjoyable book, well plotted and avoiding too cliched an ending. I shall definitely be looking for more by this author.
Tags: fantasy

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