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Book #52 -- Patricia C. Wrede & Caroline Stevermer, The Grand Tour, 469 pages.

The wonderful sequel to Sorcery and Cecelia! Kate and Cecilia are up to their noses in magical intrigue again, as they gallivant across Europe on a joint honeymoon tour with their new husbands. Their vacation turns out to be anything but restful when they discover that persons unknown are taking up Napolean's ambition to become emperor of all Europe with some serious magical support. And it looks like they might actually pull it off. Can Cecelia, Kate, Thomas, and James stop them in time? You bet! And look good doing it, too.

Book #53 -- Bev Cooke, Feral, 197 pages.

This amazing book tells the story of Candlewax, a young homeless man living in a subway in Nightside territory, and Katherine, whose boyfriend has recently joined the Westend Crew. Their unlikely friendship builds as they bond over their shared care of a feral subway cat but is strained by their association with the rival gangs that are swiftly heading toward open warfare. The twist? The story is told from the cat's point of view!

Progress toward goals: 309/365 = 84.7%

Books: 53/75 = 70.7%

Pages: 15315/20000 = 76.6%

2010 Book List

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