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Books 21 - 30.

21. St John Cassian - Conferences (a selection) (English translation)
Makes me think of Nouwen's "Way Of Heart" a bit. Pretty solid advice.

22. T. Williams - A Streetcar Named Desire
I didn't know that much about the plot beforehand, so the seriousness of it was a slight shock. Made me think a lot.

23. Danielewski - House Of Leaves (hardcover)
Didn't find it as scary as some might. Not as hard to read as I'd thought - and I do love digressing into side-notes and stuff. Interesting way to tell a story. :)

24. Pausch - The Last Lecture
This went to the give-away pile. While it did have some good points, I got pretty annoyed at his way of saying things, almost to the point of throwing the book across the room. So I say it would be better for one to borrow this and read, before buying it. :-/

25. Cash - Living Shrines: Home Altars Of New Mexico
Lots of great pics (but enough text to count for this challenge by my standards). Inspiring and motivating.

26. DeLehen - The Way Of Interior Peace (English translation)
Very good advice, though there's one clunk of a chapter with a rant against Luther's way - could've left *that* opinion out of this book and put it somewhere else, seriously. :P

27. Weisman - The World Without Us
Lots of interesting facts; my favorite was the chapter on New York. :D Very recommended.

28. W. Blake - The Complete Poems
A bit tough to read through, and I didn't agree with all his opinions, but ultimate worth reading. :)

29. F. O'Brien - At Swim-Two-Birds
30. O'Neill - At Swim, Two Boys
I read these two one after the other because of the titles. They have some points in common yet both are different in their plots. I found the latter to be more worth a read; it was thick but full of great details and a good, heart-warming and -breaking story of two boys' love, and the history going around them (escalation towards the Easter of 1916 in Ireland). The first one was clever, the second one I'd recommend if you were interested by the sentence before this one XD

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