sikander7 (sikander7) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

60 and 61

I haven't been making too much progress on my reading, but hopefully I can finish more by the end of the year.
Book 60 was a rather dated book, a 1969 book entitled Discipline in the Secondary Classroom by Louis LeGrande. Despite being out of date, there were some good points about managing classrooms, and so it was useful to my teacher training.
Book 61 was Ben Goldacre's British book Bad Science which described the problems in media reporting of science, issues in nutrition and cosmetics and how ordinary people don't understand what science is. It made me reflect, as I washed my hair, why "de-ionised water" is supposed to be positive. Ben also explains the hysteria over MMR and advocates more thought when science is used to justify policy. I recommend the book, though the examples and discussion are rather British, and so North Americans may only be interested in some aspects.

Pages; 17,136.

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