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book 129

Side Jobs by Jim Butcher

It’s a collection of short stories all in the Dresden verse. Probably the main point of all of this is to have a venue to get the last story ‘Aftermath’ out there since everything else has been published elsewhere with one exception. On a whole, I am not a short story fan. In spite of that, I enjoyed this.

A Restoration of Faith – This is the exception. It’s early Dresden which gives him a background I don’t remember seeing before, working for another PI getting his lisence. They have to save a little girl whose parents think it’s more appropriate to blame their PIS for kidnapping rather than say their little darling ran off.

Vignette – Written for a sampler at a con, mostly Harry and Bob trying to work on his ad

Something Borrowed – It’s Bill and Georgia, two of the werewolves, wedding day. Gee what could go wrong there?

It’s My Birthday Too – Sadly for me I’ve read BOTH stories with Thomas before and this is one of them. Harry tries to get his brother a birthday gift and yeah, again, what could go wrong there? I really liked this one the first time I read it and I still do.

Heorot – I was interested in this one more so for the tidbits it fed us about Ms Gard than anything else. I particularly like her character. Basic plot Mac, the bartender/brewmeister needs help

Day Off – Just that, Harry is taking a day off to go on a date. Gee, what could go wrong there? Psychic fleas anyone?

Backup – It’s conceivable that I love Thomas even more than Harry. I own this novella. I didn’t reread it here but it’s a whole lot of fun

The Warrior – This one is Michael centric, post injury. Honestly I just never could get into Michael. It’s not a bad story but I think it’s longer than Backup and nowhere near as interesting, to me at least.

Last Call – Someone tampers with Mac’s beer. It’s Harry and Karin to the rescue.

Love Hurts – Haunted state fairs, Harry and Karin. Sing the refrain with me. What could go wrong

Aftermath – Karen tells a story within hours of the end of Changes. If you haven’t read that novel. Don’t read this. I’m not sure how to feel about this one since I’m not sure the female voice was 100% convincing but still, I liked it.
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