Ashley! (bookworm84) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

No. 50 for 2010

Title: The Horse and His Boy
Author: C.S. Lewis
Rating: 4/5
Book: 50/50 (100% completed)
Pages: 105 pgs*
Total Pages 17,933/15,000 pages
Next up: Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

* Reading from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

Not my favourite story so far. This one seemed to drag in places and I found myself just wanting the story to end. Still worth a read just so that you can say that you've read all of the Narnia books!

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An orphaned boy and a kidnapped horse gallop for Narnia...and freedom.

Narnia...where horses talk and hermits like company, where evil men turn into donkeys, where boys go into battle...and where the adventure begins.

During the Golden Age of Narnia, when Peter is High King, a boy named Shasta discovers he is not the son of Arsheesh, the Calormene fisherman, and decides to run far away to the North -- to Narnia. When he is mistaken for another runaway, Shasta is led to discover who he really is and even finds his real father.

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