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Alexei Sayle – The weeping women hotel

Alexei Sayle – The weeping women hotel

As the fifth member of the Young Ones, Sayle became known in many countries. His own series wasn’t nearly as funny; I assume that’s when he decided to switch to writing. This is the second time I read a book by him.

The first chapter tells the end of the story, the rest of the book then tells us how it all went before that. In some books a good idea, even added value to the story, in this book it seems like a style trick. Trying to raise curiosity.

My fascination started soon after the flashback appears. So, probably it was a good start after all. Thing is, after a few chapters the book starts to drag a bit. It is still funny, I still enjoy reading it, but I am not nowhere near as eager to finish reading it. So a few pages every day results in me reading this book for weeks, without getting towards the end. Having finished it, I can’t say it was a bad story, yet I still feel it is lacking something. Or perhaps not lacking, but overdoing it. Could it be that the story doesn’t need 257 pages, but could have easily been told within 200? I’m not sure.

Short summary: Woman works in a shop and is looking to lose some weight. Her personal trainer (not nearly as luxury as it sounds) Patrick introduces her to Li Kuan Yu. This eastern life style (don’t confuse it with martial arts) does miracles for her. Her friends are not sure if this the changes are all for the best.

Quote: “Any ideology no matter how mad could attract disciples, any leader of anything could have themselves a small band of devout believers.” (p.144)

Number: 10-031
Title: The weeping women hotel
Author: Alexei Sayle
Language: English (UK)
Year: 2006
# Pages: 257 (5793)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-340-83122-9

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