cloverr (e_phemera) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

Zombies in the DUST

Turner, Joan Frances. DUST. Ace: 2010.

Narrated by a sympathetic and believable adolescent protagonist in a near future post-apocalyptic world, Jessie simply happens to be (un)dead. Instead of being yet another typical mindless zombie/violent gorefest, or being played for light thrills and humor, Dust offers something a little bit different in this disturbingly realistic novel.

I like sentient revenants. :)

Not a perfect novel (there is some uneven writing, with some characters better developed than others), but this is an original and interesting premise and a mostly engrossing (yes, pun on gross) read.

One of the better genre books I've read this year!

And btw, I've passed last year's total for books read, and still have a couple more weeks of reading time before the calendar flips over to 2011!

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