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Charles Bukowski – Vrouwen

Charles Bukowski – Vrouwen

A 50 year old author is the main character in this novel. Hank Chinaski is the alter ego of Bukowski. The title of the book says it all. It is about women. Many of them. And they mainly serve one purpose. Sex.

Over two hundred pages Chinaski show what a problem it is to have a relationship. Sex is easy, but to build something on a more personal level seems quite complicated.

When describing this book, it seems very simple. Not much of a story. Correct, yet the book seems to be a bit more than a description about the various women he sleeps with. The problems between men and women are universal, only Chinaski is gathering a more than even share of them.

The book also shows what it is like to be a celebrated author. There is a disadvantage for everything. Even though he is widely known, Chinaski is not rich and famous. How to cope?

Never a dull moment with Bukowski. I certainly enjoyed reading this book, the second one by him I read. And even though it was a bit onedimensional, it never stopped me from enjoying it. Booze, gambling and sex. I guess many men are jealous.

Quote: “Lydia and I were always fighting. She was a flirt and it irritated me. When we ate out I was sure she was eyeballing some man across the room. When my male friends came by to visit and Lydia was there I could hear her conversation become intimate and sexual.” (p.33)

Number: 10-032
Title: Vrouwen (Orig.: Women)
Author: Charles Bukowski
Language: Dutch (Orig.: English US)
Year: 1991 (Orig.: 1978)
# Pages: 247 (6040)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 90-234-2389-5


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