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Books 92 - 96 / 100

92. Ghosts - Henrik Ibsen
            This was, like everything I've read by Ibsen, an amazing play.  It took a little bit for me to get into it; Act one kind of dragged with setting the scene and giving some backstory on the characters.  The end was killer though (no pun intended).
93. Why Did They Kill: Cambodia in the Shadow of Genocide - Alexander Laban Hinton
                  An anthropological study of Cambodia's culture and how it led to and affected the events of the genocide.  There was a slow chapter in the middle which dragged as the author detailed each and every arrest related to this one guy, but for the most part it was fascinating.  I would love to read this sort of book about every culture in which genocide has occured.   

94. The Walking Dead: Volume One: Days Gone Bye - Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore
                  The graphic novel on which the amazing AMC show is based.  Sadly, not nearly as good as the show.  This volume's plot is very similar to that of the first few episodes of the show, but the minor changes in the show only make it more suspenseful and surprising.

95.  The Walking Dead: Volume Two: Miles Behind Us - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Cliff Rathburn
                     The graphic novel is good enough to keep reading, and I'll probably finish it just to be consistent.  It seems like the rest of season one of the show veers dramatically from the story.

96. A Journey North: One Woman's Story of Hiking the Appalachian Trail - Adrienne Hall
              The title is a little misleading, since the author spends very few pages talking about her hike, and more about nature, politics, and the history of the trail.  Not that it wasn't good to learn about those things (even though I fell asleep on the train) but I was more interested in hearing about the author's experiences.  Those were the parts I liked best, although she does make it sounds like a completely miserable time, what with pain, bugs, hypothermia, and constant tears.
Tags: anthropology, classic, drama, graphic novel, history, horror, memoir, nature

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