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Books 66 - 68

Just a couple more days for the year, especially as New Zealand is one of the first places to usher in 2011, and a couple more books completed, but so many pages left. Ah well.

Book 66 and 68 were by Jasper Fforde, whose work I am enjoying very much. Shades of Grey was set in a slightly dystopian future in which homo colouris is judged on the ability to see colours. The lowest ranked societal group can only see grey. An imaginantive setting. The Fourth Bear varied the Tuesday Next literary detective theme to have the Nursery Crimes Division, but the setting was still Reading, England. There is a fascinating puzzle involving the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and hence the title, but it is a plot spoiler.

In the middle of these novels I finished a book I was given for Christmas, Desmond Morris' The Soccer Tribe, which is dated but still fascinating. I have a couple of books I'd love to finish before the end of the year, but I don't know if I can.
Still, last year was a poor one in several respects, and in terms of reading I only managed 51 books and 17,658 pages, while this year I have 68 and 20,159 pages.

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