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So close...50 Book Challenge Wrap-Up

It's funny how things work. In 2009, I hit 50 books but didn't make 15,000 pages. In 2010, I hit 15,000 pages but didn't quite hit 50 books. Maybe 2011 will allow me to hit both goals. Only time will tell, I guess.

#45: The Victorian Undead: Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies! - Ian Edginton, writer; Davide Fabbri, artist (2010, 140 pages)

Seriously. Sherlock Holmes. Zombies. It's the best of both worlds. And that is precisely why I absolutely could not wait to get my hands on this awesome comic series.

This collection of six DC Comics follows Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as they battle against a most formidable foe: Professor Moriarty's zombie.

After a comet hits London and turns its people into zombies. Of course, Moriarty, the criminal genius he is, manages to adapt the virus so that, upon his death at the bottom of the falls, he can continue living but retain all of his evil genius. And that's when he sets up a zombie army that he unleashes upon London. It's up to Sherlock, Watson, and Sherlock's brother Mycroft to save the day.

Maybe it's me, but I'm pretty sure the above paragraphs were gushing just a bit. I seriously think this is not only one of the most creative entries in the current vs. zombies fare but also one of the most creative alternate Holmes stories I have ever read. If you can get your hands on this, I strongly recommend it, which is why I give this an awesometastic five out of five evil brains.

#46: John Dies at the End - David Wong (2009, 469 pages)

If I could sum up this book in one sentence, it would be as follows: This book is what H.P. Lovecraft's night terrors must have looked like.

David Wong, the protagonist of the tale, presents an absolutely out-of-this-world look at his life. He and his best friend John routinely fight ghosts and demons, see people randomly explode and are trying like hell to save the world from Korrok, a beast that is trying to invade Earth.

The book is similar to Trey Hamburger's Ghosts/Aliens in that is is kind of all over the place, giving readers crazy stories and situations but in an absolutely humorous way. I wasn't sure how I would wind up liking this book, especially because I had no idea where the heck it was going or what was going to happen. And that really worked. I found myself wanting to read on just so I could have the answer to my persistent WTF? I can hardly describe it, but I will encourage you to give it a read. That's why it gets a head scratching three and a half out of five floating dogs.

#47: Just Take My Heart - Mary Higgins Clark (2009, 322 pages)

In her elebenty billionth tale of a woman being stalked by an unknown foe, Mary Higgins Clark tries to shake up her process a bit. 

After award-winning actress Natalie Raines is found murdered in her home, prosecutor Emily Wallace must prosecute Raines estranged husband, Gregg Aldrich, for the crime. What Wallace doesn't know is that Raines knew her killer; she had suspected the man of murdering her roommate years earlier. The other thing Wallace doesn't know is that she's living next door to a serial killer, who has his sights set on her.

While Higgins Clark tries to shake up her tale a little bit by having the trail be the major focus of the story, the mystery isn't all that much of a mystery. I guessed the killer within the first two or three chapters, even though he's a minor character. Unfortunately, the guessing is easy, as Higgins Clark is using the same formula. I loved her books years ago, but here lately, they've become some predictable that they're no longer as entertaining. It's quite unfortunate, which is why I give this book a sad two out of five overplayed storylines.

Total Books Read: 47 / 50 (94 percent)
Total Pages Read: 17,599 / 15,000 (117 percent)

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