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2010 Round up

So another year passes. 2010 felt like one of those years that you blinked and it was over already. I think it was one of those years where I learnt a lot about myself and what I’m willing to accept and not accept out of life and people. That aside (because as if that’s relevant to my reading habits), whilst I haven’t made fifty this year (nor 15000 pages), I have improved on last year, which is always my number one goal. So without further ado, the book list for 2010:

1.    Nightlight: A Parody
by The Harvard Lampoon – 154 pages
2.    A Stroke of Midnight
by Laurell K. Hamilton – 366 pages
3.    The Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant: Volume 2: The One Tree
by Stephen Donaldson – 472 pages
4.    Mistral’s Kiss
by Laurell K. Hamilton – 302 pages
5.    A Lick of Frost
by Laurell K. Hamilton – 342 pages
6.    Temping Fate
by Esther Friesner – 279 pages
7.    Swallowing Darkness
by Laurell K. Hamilton – 365 pages
8.    Hatter M: Volume 2: Mad with Wonder
by Frank Beddor and Liz Cavalier; illustrated by Sami Makkonen – 204 pages
9.    Divine by Blood
by P.C. Cast – 443 pages
10.    He’s a Stud, She’s a Slut and 49 other double standards every woman should know
by Jessica Valenti – 213 pages
11.    Divine Misdemeanors
by Laurell K. Hamilton – 333 pages
12.    Nobody’s Princess
by Esther Friesner – 305 pages
13.    Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture
by Ariel Levy – 212 pages
14.    Elphame’s Choice
by P.C. Cast – 426 pages
15.    Brighid’s Quest
by P.C. Cast – 507 pages
16.    From Modernism to Postmodernism: An Anthology
edited by Lawrence Cahoone – 600 pages
17.    Divine Beginnings
by P.C. Cast – 71 pages
18.    Aphrodite’s Blessings: Love stories from the Greek myths
by Clemence McLaren – 202 pages
19.    Goddess of the Sea
by P.C. Cast – 344 pages
20.    Next
by Michael Crichton – 540 pages
21.    Kindred
by Octavia E. Butler – 287 pages
22.    Your Planet or Mine?
by Susan Grant – 379 pages
23.    My Favorite Earthling
by Susan Grant – 378 pages
24.    How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 days
by Susan Grant – 377 pages
25.    The Constant Princess
by Philippa Gregory – 486 pages
26.    The Boleyn Inheritance
by Philippa Gregory – 514 pages
27.    Moonstruck
by Susan Grant – 378 pages
28.    The Warlord’s Daughter
by Susan Grant – 314 pages
29.    Sureblood
by Susan Grant – 376 pages
30.    Contact
by Susan Grant – 369 pages
31.    Angels and Demons
by Dan Brown – 620 pages
32.    Once A Pirate
by Susan Grant – 315 pages
33.    The Glass Castle
by Jeannette Walls – 341 pages
34.    She’s Such a Geek: Women write about science, technology and other nerdy stuff
edited by Annalee Newitz and Charlie Anders – 223 pages
35.   The Truth about Diamonds
by Nicole Richie – 224 pages

35 / 50 books. 70% done!

12261 / 15000 pages. 82% done!

Top 5 books (not including re-reads):
Usually I try to narrow myself down to only 5 books but this year I was lucky enough to read so many good books that I’ve had to consolidate a little – in most circumstances I was lucky enough to come across trilogies and two-parters that were exceptional so I have approached it in this way, as below.

5.   Swallowing Darkness
4.   Female Chauvinist Pigs
3.   Kindred
2.   The Otherworldly Men trilogy/The Borderlands trilogy (the Susan Grant books numbers: 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29).
1.   Elphame’s Choice/Brighid’s Quest

Interesting Facts:
Improvement on last year: 3 books (493 pages)
Library books: 2
Non-fiction: 5
Most read author: Susan Grant – 8 books/2886 pages
     Followed by: P.C. Cast – 5 books/1791 pages
          Laurell K. Hamilton – 5 books/1708 pages
Books with a fantasy element: 25
Re-reads: 0
Sequels/Not a stand-alone or the first in a series: 17

Comparison to 2009:

35 / 32 books. 109% done!

12261 / 11768 pages. 104% done!

Progress against 2010 goals:
  - Beat 2009 – read at least 33 books/11800 pages = success as noted above
  - Finish off some of the series I’ve started, including:
        o Merry Gentry series = success; I’ve now read all that exist (does anyone know if she’s gonna write more? I can’t decide if I want her to or not…)
        o The Tudor Court novels = fail; I only read two of the three left in the series. Definitely going to have ‘The Other Queen’ at the top of the 2011 pile.
        o The Partholon novels = success; I finished the entire series including the short story ‘Divine Beginnings’ released half-way through the year.
  - Read more classics = epic fail on this one. I have quite a few ones I really want to get into near the top of my list but keep getting distracted by other books before I get there. Definitely need to focus on this one in 2011.
  - Finish that modernism anthology = success as noted above
  - Read more non-fiction = success as noted above – I set a goal of 3 and made 5, so am very pleased with myself.

Goals for 2011:
  - Beat 2010 – read at least 36 books/12500 pages
  - Read at least three classics, those being:
        o Wuthering Heights
        o The Iliad
        o The Odyssey
  - Read at least 5 non-fiction books
  - Read/finish off the following:
        o Finish the last Tudor Court novel (The Other Queen)
        o Finish reading all of Susan Grant’s books (The Star Trilogy, and the 2176 series)
        o Finish reading the Robert Langdon books (The Davinci Code and The Lost Symbol)
        o Read the next four Kathy Reichs books (Bare Bones, Monday Mourning, Cross Bones, Break No Bones)
        o Read the Howl & Sophie series by Diana Wynne Jones (Howl’s Moving Castle, Castle in the Air, House of Many Ways)
        o Read the Wicked trilogy (Wicked, Son of a Witch, A Lion Among Men)
        o Read the next four Goddess Summoning books (Goddess of Spring, Goddess of Light, Goddess of the Rose, Goddess of Love)

Probably a bit ambitious but it’s worth a shot!
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