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book 2-3

Fairy Tail #10 by Hiro Mashima

This one does a short final wrap of the last major storyline, letting Lucy and Loke fall into their new roles and Loke does something nice for everyone. He sends Lucy, Erza, Gray and Natsu to a high-end hotel- casino that Loke used to like to use.

In the midst of having fun, Erza's tragic past comes back to haunt her. We get to see how Erza grew up and this past will do more than haunt. It could get her and all her friends killed. Obviously, by volume 10, you've already made your decision to stay or bale. I think this one is very good. I like what we see of Erza and am looking forward to the next volume

March Story #1 by Hyung Min Kim & Kyung Il Yang

I got this new one when I returned a duplicate book. The story is set in the 1700's (which is hard to tell without them actually telling you that). The world is filled with demons known as the Ill. They inhabit works of art and tempt people to pick them up and use them and then they inhabit the people. The Ciste Vihad hunt down and destroy the Ill. The story follows the life of a young hunter, March. This particular hunter has some oddities going on, such as Ill-like horns that sprout during a fight.

This is an episodic horror manga and those can be either good or bad. This one reminds me of Petshop of Horrors and Nightmare Inspector in that the narrator character does more than just tie up the story a little. March is a very active participant in the stories which makes it far more interesting and ever since Twilight Zone and Tales from the Darkside were finally deemed viewable material when I was a kid, I've loved episodic horror.

March's story is interesting enough for me to want to look for more but like I said episodic manga can be iffy stuff. In this one we see March meeting a female clown, a little boy possessed to do something against his will and lastly March's own origin story. The art is well done and there is nudity in this.
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