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44-53... the end of 2010

44. 'playing beatie bow' ruth park
45. 'the girl with the dragon tattoo' steig larson
46. 'the girl who played with fire' steig larson
47. 'the girl who kicked a hornet's nest' steig larson
48. 'the passage' justin cronin
49. 'harry potter and the deathly hallows' j.k. rowling
50. 'queen of this realm' jean plaidy
51. 'high voltage tattoo' kat von d
52. 'the tattoo chronicles' kat von d
53. 'in cold blood' truman capote

playing beatie bow
i hadn't read this for years. i read a lot of ruth park when i was younger but it was available as part of the penguin classics and i decided to give it another go as i didn't remember it.
the storyline was interesting enough, but there was something a bit missing. not sure what it was. the tale of time travel could have been great. i don't know...

the girl series
they were definitely interesting. took a little while to get into. i do like the lisbeth's character. she's different and that's important i think. too many books have similar characters these days. i found the middle book more interesting to read though, the last was getting a bit too heavy with the technicalities of the organisations they were chasing. it became a bit of a stale read for a while, but i finished because i wanted to get through them.

the passage
i was given this book to read by someone who said it was fantastic. i can't see that personally. it was a good concept and a very interesting read, but fantastic? i'm not sure. there had better be a sequel. and i say that because the ending was really bad. it just ended. that's what killed it for me. i'm not sure what's happening with another book. if there is going to be one or not.

harry potter and the deathly hallows
a re-read because the first part of the movie is coming out.

queen of this realm
a book based on the life of queen elisabeth I. i love plaidy's books. i haven't found one yet that i haven't enjoyed reading.
i hadn't read much about elisabeth I, just a lot about her father. this was a great book. she made the queen seem so human and so real. it was told in the form of a diary almost. fascinating how she brings history to life like that.

high voltage tattoo and the tattoo chronicles
i love 'la ink'. a tattoo fan myself and the storyline behind the series is great. i love the tattoos they do so i knew i would like the books kat brings out. they detail some of the tattoos they create and the stories behind them. some of the stories are very interesting. aside from that, they are also very well put together books. colourful and creative. i really found them both interesting. especially the second, which is a diary of kat's life for a year in the shop. she's a one-of-a-kind person who is very entertaining in a lot of aspect.

in cold blood
another pick up from the penguin classics shelves.
one i had wanted to read for a long time. the creation of a new genre of novels with this amazing piece of work. a true story in novel form allows you to really get inside the book and the "characters". it's so hard at times to remember that it is not a work of fiction and these events really happened. capote's writing style brings you into the town and makes you get to know the people. this is a fantastic book to read and i think it's a very important read as well.

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