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Being sick is good for getting reading done.

Book #2 -- Danielle Joseph, Indigo Blues, 231 pages.

Indigo Jackson *was* just a normal highschooler until her ex-boyfriend Adam Spade wrote a hit song about how she broke his heart. Now the whole nation has the Indigo Blues and Indigo has way more attention than she ever wanted. Plus, Adam won't stop *calling*!

Book #3 -- Laura L. Sullivan, Under the Green Hill, 308 pages.

This is like a teen version of War For the Oaks, with a little bit of Thomas the Rhymer and Tam Lin thrown in there for good measure. Really quite good.

Progress toward goals: 6/365 = 1.6%

Books: 3/100 = 3.0%

Pages: 1178/30000 = 3.9%

2011 Books

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