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Book Number 3 - Always the Baker, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker

Published:  2010
Genre: Christian Romance
Pages: 288
Medium: Kindle e-book
Acquired: Free download from their limited popular offerings
Normal Cost: 10.00

Okay I am not getting lucky with the free romances. While this one was well written and the character portrayals were delightful, it was yet another book that switched halfway through. The first half proceeded like a normal contemporary romance. The second half become Christian focused. However, it was a much better treatment than the last book I read.
This book tells the story of Emma Rae Travis, an extraordinary baker who can't taste her desserts, and Jackson Drake, a businessman turned hotel owner. All of the characters fairly leap off the page with lives of their own. It is very easy to visualize each of them, from Fiona, the goth bakers assistant to Aunt Sophie, who has the beginnings of Alzheimer's. Sandra Bricker also has the right touch of humor for this type of romance. Another nice touch is that at the beginning of each chapter is either a recipe or a wedding tip. The story is sweet and a fast read. Even when the Christian emphasis is thrown in, it blends well with the earlier half of the book.
Now for the bad.... Alzheimer's, Diabetes and Ovarian Cancer are all part of the plot line in the book. Yet none of the difficulties of these very serious illnesses are focused on. They are used as backdrop without really recognizing how much of an impact they really have on people's lives. It would have been nice to see them treated with the seriousness they deserve.
Overall it was not a bad book and was a fast read over a couple of days at the gym.

Books Read: 3/50
Page Totals: 1036
Money Saved: 31.00
Tags: christian, romance

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