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Coraline the graphic novel

Coraline: Graphic Novel by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell (illustrator)

B&N Synopsis

When a girl moves into an old house, she finds a door leading to a world that eerily mimics her own, but with sinister differences.

I read the novel of this last year or the year before that. I don't quite remember. What I do recall is how much I enjoyed Gaiman's eerie story. As a fan of graphic novels, I wanted to read it in this form, too. I wish Coraline had been drawn differently. I always pictured her a bit younger with dark hair. But other than that, I had no complaints with the graphic novel.


The Other Mother was sufficiently creepy and the cat was my favorite character, by far. The thing that impresses most about Gaiman's stories is that he tackles creepy subjects and includes quite a bit of the phantasmagorical in his work, but it never cross the line in to gore or horror. That's a pretty impressive feat.

If you like Gaiman and graphic novels, I suggest this book.

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