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January count

1. Going Bovine - Libba Bray Picked this up at an S.F. con recently and several times the snarky writting almost made the story suck less. Juvenile/YA fiction Don Quixote quest also attempting to defy reality and death.
2. Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris Second of the Sooky Stackhouse novels. Fluffy popcorn/vampire reading. Nothing to fight to get the next in the series, just amusing and I can skim over the gratuitous porn.
3. Life of Pi by Yann Martel - A story of survival and graphic details of the violence of life. Similar to Memoirs of a Geisha I was left to research what if anything of the tales were correct. This book was certainly more substantial and moving than that of the Arthur Golden book. I'm sure I will have some disturbing dreams from this novel but it was worth reading once.
4.Barbie and the Beast - Linda Thomas-Lundstrom a paranormal romance. I met the author at a San Diego convention. She was interesting. This book just was not my thing but I did plow my way through it.
5. Homer's Odyssey - Gwen Cooper A lovely life story of a pet so it will be a known quantity of feel good and tears. The integration of the blind cat and the woman going through life changes over the years was very honest and kind. Life is easier to attempt when you have witnessed another doing harder challenges.
6. City of Truth by James Marrow Quick read in two mornings. Like that questions that it left me with to answer. Does knowing the truth grant more power or can believing in lies bring about the win?
7. Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer - I knew virtually nothing about the Mormon religion prior to this. They have a choir and splinter groups of polygamists and too many boys out on bicycles door knocking summed my knowledge and that 70% of the CIA is Mormon. This book is two stories, one modern day murder mystery and the history of the Mormon religion. Fascinating.
8. Tigers in the Snow - Peter Matthiessen Fewer than a couple thousand tigers now survive in Asia. A world of local humans there that want them eradicated. Very sad reality.
9. Dog Tags by David Rosenfelt - Picked this up at Mysterious Galaxy shop in San Diego as I recall it was a staff recommendation and it was already signed by the author. This is part of a series that I've walked into the midst but the book stands alone. The banter of the main character attorney Andy Carpenter has a very appealing reminder of me and my friends busting each others nut over crap. Seriously a great read highly recommended.

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