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Book 10: Mrs Fry's Diary by Mrs Stephen Fry

Book 10: Mrs Fry's Diary.
Author: Mrs Stephen Fry, 2010.
Genre: Memoir. Satire.
Other Details: Hardback. 352 pages.

Stephen Fry's secret wife speaks out at last!

Enjoyed a nice cuppa this morning with a HobNob and Jeremy Kyle. There was a woman on there who'd been married 16 years without realising her husband was gay. Extraordinary! Which reminds me, it's our 16th anniversary in a few weeks. What a coincidence.

Stephen Fry - actor, writer, raconteur and wit. Cerebral and sophisticated, a true Renaissance man. Or is he?

Well who would have imagined that Stephen Fry was harbouring a secret wife and a half dozen (or more) children? Or that he had a taste for karaoke, kebabs, lager and her down at No 38? This book contains the daily reflections of an unwitting celebrity wife, including her ventures onto the internet and desire to broaden her horizons through a book club and creative writing classes. Of course, one has to wonder if she wasn't Mrs Stephen Fry would this have become such a runaway best-seller in the UK? It can't have hurt though she is very funny and has now become a celebrity in her own write, or rather on her own blog and Twitter. So it looks like the Fry family now contains two National Treasures!

A delightful fun read that at times had me doubled up with laughter. OK, some of the double entendres made me groan but just for her poem Bohemian Spam for Tea this was a clear winner and the perfect antidote to dip into on dull January days. I am not sure how well Mrs Fry's Diary will do outside of the UK given how much popular culture is referenced. In the USA at present it seems only available as an import or on Kindle.

Edna Fry has encouraged me to get my Twitter account out of mothballs and I hope to read further instalments of Mrs Fry's Diary in years to come.

Mr. Stephen Fry on Twitter.
Mrs Fry's Diary Blog - contains extracts from the book.
Pass notes No 2,835: Mrs Stephen Fry - you know you've arrived when 'The Guardian' dedicates one of these to you.
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