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January Books

I'm trying something different this year. Instead of posting to both this community and my own journal, I'm going to post my monthly summaries here with links to the write-ups in my journal for anyone who is interested. Of course, it would help if I remembered to post the summary.

1. Tony Hillerman, The Fallen Man, 294 pages, Mystery, Hardback, 1996 (Navajo Mysteries, Book 12).

2. Tony Hillerman, The First Eagle, 278 pages, Mystery, Hardback, 1998 (Navajo Mysteries, Book 13).

3. Tony Hillerman, Hunting Badger, 275 pages, Mystery, Hardback, 2000 (Navajo Mysteries, Book 14).

4. Tony Hillerman, The Wailing Wind, 232 pages, Mystery, Hardback, 2002 (Navajo Mysteries, Book 15).
Tags: mystery

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