misstreebc (misstreebc) wrote in 50bookchallenge,

# 8 The Dead Sea Cipher

The Dead Sea Cipher

Elizabeth Peters

When Dinah Van der Lyn travels to the Holy Land she finds herself thrust into the middle of an international plot involving the possible discovery of an ancient scroll that, if brought to light, would likely turn the Christian world on end. Danger and intrigue follow her through the Middle East, as do two handsome young men. Which, if either, should she trust?

I think I could describe this fairly accurately and simply as a dated Da Vinci Code light, (yes, it is possible to find a lighter work than Dan Brown's), set in the Middle East, with an ingenue protagonist.

I enjoyed the book well enough, but had to overlook its flaws...the dated feeling, (it was written in 1970), the overdone plot, and worst of all, an ending that I felt was weak, as if the author was writing her way out of a box.

The plot was rapidly paced, though, and I found the main idea and setting interesting. It kept me entertained.


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