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3. The Ladies of Garrison Gardens by Louise Schaffer

I am way behind in my reading schedule. In my defense, I don't count most of the medical stuff I am reading right now. Plus I have a hard time finishing the current book before I start another. I see a great book and I just start reading it right away. Thus, I have many books in progress at any one time. I managed to finish this one only because the library wants it back!

"The Ladies of Garrison Gardens" was a fun read. It has 3 older southern woman who have known each other for years and years. They are well-to-do southern ladies with a young protege who is the town wild child. Their small town lives are intersected by a 70 year old secret that threatens to undo the very threads of their lives. The story is told from different points of view of the different characters and from different time frames. They story reminds me of "Fried Green Tomatoes". As I was imagining the scenes in my head as I am wont to do, I thought that this book would make a good movie. My favorite line is towards the end when one of the older ladies says "People can do wonderful things when they have to, especially women." That warmed my heart.

4/5 stars Good read, but not great literature.

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