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Book 6 - 2011

Book 6: The Star King by Susan Grant – 358 pages

Description from Amazon:
Susan Grant's second novel, proves that her first terrific romance, Once a Pirate was no fluke. This is an author who writes romantic and exciting books that conjure up exotic locales and peoples. Grant is equally at home creating an advanced civilization light years away as she was conjuring up a pirate's ship off the coast of Spain, and that's no small feat. Author Grant is masterful in her creation of the Vash culture where religion, politics, and commerce are seamlessly related. Readers will pick up subtle similarities between the upbringing of Vash royalty and some Arabic cultures, and Sharron and his cult will bring to mind the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinri Kyo. And, anyone who remembers Luke's blindfolded laser-sword training will recognize Grant's homage to George Lucas in the scene where Jas and Rom play a game with sens-swords in he dark. As heroic characters, Rom and Jas simply shine. Both are complex and strong individually, but as a couple, they are fantastic. Descriptions of what Jas sees throughout her travels are extremely well done - the other-worldly is easily visual in Susan Grant's words. There are some wonderfully funny moments as well - a hulking bodyguard with a name that is guaranteed to make you laugh, and a running gag involving beer. If you're looking for some excitement and adventure, The Star King will provide it -- in spades.

This is the first in the trilogy that Grant wrote before her Otherworldly Men series (which I read last year) and whilst this was still an enjoyable space romp (and I love me some space romping!) the inspiration for the later series was starkly obvious. The religion used as the basis for society in the Otherworldly Men universe is an evolved version of the one used in this trilogy as is the fact that the religion is used in the manner it is. Moreover, the personas of many of the characters bear striking similarties to the later series. Now working my way through this earlier series, I’m kinda glad I started reading the later series first, because I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much had I come to it after reading this series. Having said that, its still an enjoyable read. The characters are fun, there’s a good dose of spaceships shenangians, the sex scenes are strong without being pornographic and there’s minimal use of over-the-top lovey-dovey dialogue that usually haunts romantic novels. I would still definitely recommend it to other sci-fi/rom-com fans.

6 / 50 books. 12% done!

2004 / 15000 pages. 13% done!

Currently reading:
- Angelology
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- The Star Prince
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And coming up:
- The Davinci Code
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- Under the Dome
by Stephen King – 877 pages
- The Star Princess
by Susan Grant – 371 pages
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