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Books 6 & 7

Chocolat Joanne Harris
Vianne and her daughter Anouk move to a small, conservative town in France and open a chocolate shop. Priest Francis Reynaud feels threatened by Vianne and believes that she encourages others to "indulge" and behave immorally.

The imagery in this book is absolutely exquisite. I love Harris's use of vivid colors and, whenever she describes food and sweets, I can guarantee that it will make you hungry! There are a lot of touching, heart-warming moments with Vianne and her new friends as well. This is a re-read; I'll read it again eventually, and I heartily recommend it!

The Gun Seller Hugh Laurie
Thomas Lang gets mixed up in terrorists' ploy to sell more helicopters.

My favorite thing about this novel is the narrator's sense of humor and wit. Whether coincidentally or not, Thomas Lang kind of reminds me of House (who, I'm sure most of you know, Hugh Laurie plays on TV). The novel is well-written and face-paced. Lang and his friend Ronnie are very likable characters. This was a re-read as well. I didn't like it as much the second time around. I wanted a bit more focus on characterization, but - overall - it was still a very enjoyable read.
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