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Books 16 & 17: Two Queen Betsy/Undead novels by MaryJanice Davidson

Book 16: Undead and Uneasy (Queen Betsy 06).
Author: MaryJanice Davidson, 2007.
Genre: Paranormal Romance. Humour. Chick Lit
Other Details: Unabridged audiobook; Length: 5 hours, 26 mins. Read by Nancy Wu.

"Everything in the Undead universe has been leading to this book (say it with me: poor Betsy!). Yes, there has been a method to my madness. The support group she has so carefully, if unconsciously, been building around herself, that I've been building for her, is about to disappear." - preface to Undead and Uneasy.

This is what authors do, make you care about characters over a series of books and then preface the next instalment with this kind of warning. Stressful!

This instalment covers the lead-up to Betsy's long anticipated wedding to her consort. In some ways I was a little disappointed that it didn't focus so much on Betsy's as Bridzilla, though she is so high maintenance already it is hard to know how this could have been made more so by wedding planing. Instead, there is the promised issue of Betsy suddenly finding herself home alone, each absence explainable but adding up to something much more sinister as promised in the introduction.

As always Nancy Wu does a great job of narrating the series and I have noticed that the language has toned down as the series has progressed. Yes, sometimes Betsy lets loose in a way that could make a sailor blush but this happens now when she is stressed rather than just popped into every conversation.

Book 17: Undead and Unworthy (Queen Betsy 07).
Author: MaryJanice Davidson, 2008.
Genre: Paranormal Romance. . Humour. Chick Lit.
Other Details: Unabridged audiobook; Length: 5 hours, 25 mins. Read by Nancy Wu.

There was another story, Undead and Wed: A Honeymoon Story (found in Dead Over Heels), between the last novel and this one. Oh well. At some point there might be a collection of all these short stories as Charlaine Harris did with her Sookie Stackhouse series. Still not reading it didn't matter much and she did give a brief summary of events in the opening pages.

Betsy finds herself haunted by a new ghost, someone who is just as insufferable in the afterlife as she was alive. The fiends, a group of feral vampires, who have been in the background from Book 1, also have a leading role in events. Apparently these two novels and the next, Undead and Unwelcome, form a trilogy that are all covered by that warning given above. I actually found myself tearing up a little at the end of this novel. Something of a surprise given how fluffy the series is.
Tags: audio book, chicklit, ghosts, paranormal, vampires, werewolves

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