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Book #19: Missing

Written by:Karin Alvtegen
Genre:Mystery, Suspense

Sibylla Forsenström doesn’t exist. For fifteen years, she has been excluded from society. As one of the homeless in Stockholm, she takes each day as it comes and has all her possessions in her rucksack. To find food for the day and somewhere to sleep for the night demands all her time and effort. But it does not help her in keeping the thoughts away from the past – from the questions about why her life has turned out the way it did. Then a catastrophe happens. One night, she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. A man is brutally murdered and too many circumstances lead to Sibylla as being the murderer. For fifteen years nobody has asked for her, but suddenly she is the most wanted person in Sweden. She knows how to survive, but now she has to flee...

I have to say this is an interesting take on a murder mystery. It was interesting to see life from the underside... especially when from the perspective of an innocent & unsuspecting suspect...

However, the story could have been fleshed out in places (like the entire second half of the book). A lot could have been done to fill out the real criminal as well as putting those final pieces together more smoothly. As it is, I saw the "sudden and unexpected" left-turn of a plot twist as if it were a giant road sign.

So the overall effect of the book was good premise, but, despite claims that Alvtegen is Sweden's Queen of Crime, I was left a bit dissatisfied. It was like going on a roller coaster and going up a 300' incline for a 30' drop... lots of intense build up and then >pift<.

~POSSIBLE SPOILER~ It's also quite inadvertent, but this book also falls into the purview of the Mental Illness Advocacy Reading Challenge - the main character, as you learn in dribs and drabs at first, spent 18 months in a mental hospital after suffering some sort of breakdown. [My personal thoughts are the woman has borderline personality disorder or bi-polar disorder and due to certain events suffered a psychotic break, but that's just me - you might see something else entirely.]~END SPOILER~

19 / 75 words. 25% done!

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