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Books 1 - 10.

1. Pollan - In Defence Of Food
This gave me plenty of new ideas, and maybe the root to where I'll form my permanent eating plan. Or something like that. :)

2. Sartre - Nausea (Finnish translation)(re-read)
Reading it again gave me a completely different view from what I ended up feeling about it the last time. I guess I was awed the first time, now I mainly just shook my head. Didn't like it as much as before but still was interesting enough.

3. Gaiman & Pratchett - Good Omens (re-read)
Still just as amusing as before. :)

4. Woolf - The Waves
A bit challenging, but image-rich and making you think about the flow of your own life, too.

5. Pohl - Gateway
I like it well enough, it had a lot interesting things going on. *shrug* :)

6. Norris - The Cloister Walk
This game me some new ideas to think, especially on virgin martyrs and why they shouldn't be dismissed.

7. Schlosser - Fast Food Nation:What The All-American Meal Is Doing To The World
Quite revealing. I don't each much fast food myself, and if I do I already avoid some of the places mentioned here. We don't have them much up here anyway (we just don't go out and eat in these places in this country) so it's easier to avoid...

8. Thackrey - Gambling Secrets Of Nick The Greek (borrowed from my parents)
Definitely interesting to read, even if I didn't want to own it in the end.

9. O'Hagan - "I Lick My Cheese" & Other Notes From The Frontline Of Flat-Sharing
Amusing, quick read. Haven't done the flat-sharing thing and this doesn't really make me want to. It's still interesting to read what sort of messages can happen.

10. Traig - Devil In The Details:Scenes From An Obsessive Girlhood
Sometimes amusing, sometimes amusing, a lot of times making you glad to live in the present years and being healthy. A good read.

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