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Book 8 of 50: On the Edge

Book 8 of 50

Title: On the Edge
Author: Ilona Andrews
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Fiction

Summary (from Andrews (Magic Bites) takes dysfunctional family stories to a new level in this engaging urban fantasy series opener. Rose Drayton and her two young brothers live in the woods between two worlds: the Broken (mundane smalltown Georgia) and the Weird (a world of strong magic and rigid social hierarchy). Those on the Edge between the two possess individual magical abilities. Rose has perfected her talent, a deadly white flash, and now the Weird's aristocrats envy her power. Is it a coincidence that vicious hounds invade to steal magic and destroy the Edgers just as Weird blueblood Declan Camarine demands that Rose become his bride? Though Rose rejects Declan's advances, the two must join forces to save her brothers and others on the Edge. Andrews has created a complex plot and convincing characters that will keep the pages turning.

Comments: I really enjoyed On the Edge. Lots of times, I don't enjoy urban fantasy, but I did like this. Probably because the main character lived on the edge of the normal world, not actually in it. I really liked the character of Rose, because she was tough, responsible, and no-nonsense, and I enjoyed their atypical romance. There wasn't a ton of world-building, but the book focused on "the edge", which is small. I felt like the reader gets a good snapshot of what the community is like, and what it is like to be out of the ordinary in a place like that. The book could have been longer, and it could have had more conflict, but it was good for a short read. It did just wrap up very quickly and neatly with a "happily ever after." The book is the beginning of a series about "the edge." From what I can tell, the next book deals with a character who was a secondary character in this book. I was really hoping for more about Rose and Declan, so I'm not rushing to pick this next one up, but probably will eventually. So if you are looking for a light urban fantasy read, you may want to pick this up.

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