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2011 reading

Finally! For the first time I'm on a pace that might allow me to complete the challenge. As someone who has managed a maximum of about 16 books in any given year in almost two decades, this will be momentous.

1. The Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet by Arturo Perez-Reverte
The fifth in the Captain Alatriste series, and I believe the 11th of his that I have read. As always, solid historical fiction.

2. Flashman and the Mountain of Light by George MacDonald Fraser
An amazing series, highly recommended to anyone who enjoys historical fiction, especially about British military characters. Funny as hell, and the history is amazing. My 4th in the series of 12. I read three last year and plan to read them all this year. This installment takes place during the first Anglo-Sikh War.

3. Flash for Freedom! by George MacDonald Fraser
Detailing Flashman's slave-running and -stealing adventures in America. While still good, I enjoy his American adventures less.

4. A Brief History of the Crimean War by Alexis Troubetzkoy
Interesting enough. The author focuses on causes of the war, and criticising everyone involved at every possible juncture. I'll be looking for another book on the topic.

5. The Beautiful Cigar Girl: Mary Rogers, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Invention of Murder by Daniel Stashower
Narrative history, in the vein of the Erik Larson novels (Isaac's Storm, Devil in the White City). Well told and researched, it details the sensational media coverage of the murder of Mary Rogers, and the parallel story of Edgar Allen Poe leading up to the fictional version he wrote of the real life story.

6. Flashman at the Charge by George MacDonald Fraser
Detailing Flashman's presence in the Crimean War and the Charge of the Light Brigade, and further campaigns against the Russians in Central Asia.

7. Flashman in the Great Game by George MacDonald Fraser
Detailing Flashman's adventures in the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

8. Flashman and the Angel of the Lord by George MacDonald Fraser
Bringing Flashman back to America to accompany John Brown to Harper's Ferry.

9. Flashman and the Dragon by George MacDonald Fraser
Flashman in China in 1860 for Elgin & Hope's expedition to Peking.

I'm reading the Flashman novels in chronological order. As such, I followed Flash for Freedom with the first half of Flashman and the Redskins. The second half takes place 25 years later, so I'll place it in it's appropriate place and then finish the book. I wish Fraser hadn't died before he could write all the adventures to which he has alluded, because now we'll never know about Flashman's Civil War enlistments in both armies, or his presence during the Boxer Rebellion.

Up next, Flashman on the March.

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