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First books of the Year

Man, have I been failing when it comes to reading recently. I forgot to keep updated last year, but read I think about five more books since the last time I posted. Anyway, decided to read more after working to relax so I can enjoy reading again.

1. Catalogue of Death - Jo Dereke
Pages: 324
Blurb: A diligent Dewey decimalist, Miss Wilhelmina Zukas believes in doing everything by the book. And if that means keeping the library open during the most blinding blizzard Bellehaven has ever experienced, so be it! But something more sinister than big snow transpires outside her window. While inspecting the site he's generously set aside for the town's new library, local billionaire Franklin Harrington is inexplicably blown to bits! Since the surviving Harringtons are more inclined to build pricy condos on the designated land, Helma - under strict orders from her boss, library despot May Apple Moon - sets out with her offbeat friend Ruth to convince the dead philanthropist's dysfunctional clan to honor Franklin's wishes. But delving too deeply into Harrington affairs could prove fatal - because a murderer may be hanging off the family tree. Then again, Miss Zukas has never been one to ignore a juicy mystery...especially when there are skeletons in the closet that could use a good rattling.

I hated this book. I hate the main character, in fact all the characters bugged me. I also disliked Dereke's writing style, which came across as highly pretentious the whole way through. Apparently it's meant to be like this, but even if it is, it was highly irritating. The story also left much to be desired.

2. Snoopy & die Peanuts: Ganz Schön Blöd 25. Buch - Charles M. Schulz
Pages: 95
Classic Snoopy - but in German! I borrowed this off of a friend and it throughly cheered me up on the busy train ride home. Very funny - even in German!

2 / 50 books. 4% done!

419 / 15000 pages. 3% done!
Tags: crime fiction, humor

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