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Zombie Loan #9 by Peach Pit

The manga takes an odd jump, starting a new arc. Angry at the Ferryman, both Chika and Shito storm out of the place. They head to Hong Kong for some answers. Michiru is sort of on her own with Koyomi. Yomi, the spirit inside of Koyomi is missing. Michiru all but invites herself along to Koyomi’s hometown with her to help find Yomi. Even though all Yomi ever did was try to sexually molest Michiru half the time, the young girl wants the spirit back.

Once they get to Koyomi’s family’s temple, things get weird and downright creepy. It’s very possible they don’t have Michiru or Koyomi’s best interest at heart. We get the history of Yomi’s existence and Michiru is sent into a cave that is the boundary between this world and that of the spirits.

Interlacing with this storyline is Shito and Chika’s time in Hong Kong. Things do not go well at all. The Xu Fu, part gang, part ancient sorcerers, they are after Shito. We finally get most of Shito’s long and twisted story and the reason he’s part of the zombie loan at all. It’s rather sick and fascinating at the same time. And thank you once again mangaka for the incest is best stance. And that is spoiler enough for one review. I’ve been wanting Shito’s history for nine volumes now. Be careful of what you wish for. Creepy or not, it’s compelling. I’m hooked on this series.
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