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March Reading: Books #9-12 of 2011

9. Neil Gaiman, Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? (The Deluxe Edition), Illustrated by Andy Kubert, 128 pages, Graphic Novel, Hardback, 2009. The many tales of the Batman's demise as told by his foes. Nicely done story line, and the art really shines - great effort was made to match the artistic styles of the original series. 4/5

10. Joe Hill, Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows, Illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, 152 pages, Graphic Novel, Hardback, 2010 (Locke & Key, Volume 3). The continuing tales of the Locke children and their discoveries in their new home after family tragedy took their dad. They are still finding new keys, still finding new ways to get into trouble with no effort, but this time they are starting to notice that mom is not making the transition to this new life. I love the artwork, too. 4.5/5

11. Charlaine Harris, An Ice Cold Grave, 280 pages, Paranormal Mystery, Hardback, 2007 (Harper Connelly Series, Book 3). Harper Connelly, the girl who was hit by lightning and now can hear the dead when around their resting place, is called in to help find the remains of a missing boy in North Carolina. Turns out, this is the 5th boy to go missing, and Harper ends up reading the mass grave of a serial killer, her first encounter of that sort. 4/5

12. Charlaine Harris, Grave Secret, 306 pages, Paranormal Mystery, Hardback, 2009 (Harper Connelly Series, Book 4). Harper goes back to Texas to visit family while working a job on the way in to town. The job stirs up the past for both that family and her own, leading to Harper discovering the truth of what happened to her big sister, who disappeared many years back. While Charlaine Harris' heroines aren't for everybody, I find her easy to read. 4/5
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