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March Reads

16. Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes Tara, Fintan and Katherine have been good friends for a long time ever since they were teenagers in Ireland. The three of them now live in London with only Fintan who has what could be called a love life. Tara is staying with her verbally abusive, penny-pinching boyfriend because she feels that he is the last chance that he has for marriage and children. Katherine who was heart broken from a past relationship keeps her single life organized and is happy being single. Fintan is in a long term serious relationship and the two of them are happy together. When Fintan is diagonsed with cancer he gives both Tara and Katherine an ultimatum that causes the two of them to reevaluate their own lives. When a ghost from Katherine’s past reenters her life she is forced to face the demons from her own past. Through flashbacks we learn about Katherine’s past and the trio’s friendship from a long time ago. This gives a pretty realistic view of women in their thirties where there are some women who desperately want marriage that they are willing to settle for any guy that comes along that they feel can fulfill their need for marriage and children. There are also other single women who have been burned from past relationships where they aren’t interested in pursing new relationships.
17. Robert Pattinson: Eternally Yours by Isabelle Adams This book is an unauthorized biography of Robert Pattinson from the Twilight saga movies. This book starts from his growing up years and how he was as a student and ends with talk of his future upcoming projects. This is a good book for fans of the Twilight saga since it does talk about some of his other projects other than Twilight and Harry Potter. It does give a little description on how Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was filmed since he also played Cedric Diggory in that movie. It also gives some interesting facts about the Twilight craze since Edward is the role that he is best known for.
18. The Help by Kathryn Stockett This book about three women in 1960s Mississippi tells the perspective from a white woman and two women who work as maids during this time. Skeeter is a white woman who graduated from college though her mother would be proud of her if she had a ring on her finger. She is different from her friends since they had dropped out of college in order to get married. She decides to write about the relationship between the black maids in her hometown and their employers. While interviewing the women she learns the truth about the treatment of some of the maids though there are some good white employers. Abilene and Minny are two of the maids that she interviews and the book is also told from their perspective. This is an interesting book because it does tell about the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi at that time and how regular people had responded to it.
19. Love is a Battlefield by Annalisa Daughety Kristy O’Neal is skeptical that true love exists after being left at the altar. Ace Kennedy is working at the same National Park as Kristy doing research on his ancestors, he tries to get her to believe in true love by telling her the story of his ancestors. While he is there he does not tell anyone at the park that he is there doing research for a book, even his superiors though he does get Kristy to think about at least one real modern day couple who really and truly love each other. This is a sweet love story that isn’t too preachy even though it is Christian fiction.
20. Semisweet: A Maggie and Odessa Mystery by Jill Brock Maggie Swift is a PI in training whose boss will not let her do anything other than file and make coffee. She decides to take matters into her own hands when she takes a case from the mother of a bride to be who wants to look into the real reason that the groom is marrying her daughter since she thinks that it isn’t for love. She enlists her best friend Odessa who is a pastry chef in her family’s restaurant plus owning her own cake business. The two of them try to figure out the truth about the bride’s groom and along the way have adventures in discovering the truth. Also as another plot point someone is trying to kill Odessa since she was held hostage by a desperate man in her family’s restaurant. The two women also try to discover the whereabouts of the suspect. Both plot lines have a surprise ending though the ending of the book is a happy one.
21. Calm, Cool and Adjusted by Kristin Billerbeck Poppy is a chiropractor with an unusual sense of fashion. Her best friend, Megan is getting married and she needs to find a date for her wedding without having to resort to her friends finding her one. She shares an office in an office park with a handsome plastic surgeon and she also has a patient that likes her. Poppy is the last one of her friends who isn’t married and you do see some of her viewpoint of being the last single girl though she isn’t willing to settle for just any guy in order to get a ring on her finger. It’s interesting to see who she winds up with at the end since she gets to know the plastic surgeon more and her patient tells her about his feelings for her.
22. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot This book is about the life of Henrietta Lacks whose cancer cells were taken from her in 1951 and used in research for various diseases. Henrietta Lacks was a poor, black woman who was diagnosed with cancer in 1951 and died that same year with the same disease. She would have been forgotten by history except that her cancer cells kept on multiplying even after her death in a lab setting which were used by researchers of various diseases such as AIDS and polio. Her case brought up quite a few ethical issues about her cells being taken and used without her permission and a profit being made from them. This book does bring up different medical ethical issues as well as tell Henrietta Lacks personal story.
23. The Trophy Wives Club by Kristen Billerbeck This book is about a former trophy wife whose much older husband leaves her for a younger woman when she is only 28 years old. Her husband’s divorce lawyer gives her information about a bible study at his church for woman who have been given a raw deal in life. Haley is forced to learn the basic life skills that she never had a chance to learn from the women since she married when she was twenty and relied on her ex husband for everything.
24. Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

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