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books 17-26

17. 'shakespeares christmas' charlaine harris
18. 'pretty little liars' sara shepard
19. 'pretty little liars - flawless' sara shepard
20. 'pretty little liars - perfect' sara shepard
21. 'pretty little liars - unbelievable' sara shepard
22. '... startled by his furry shorts!' louise rennison
23. 'love is a many trousered thing' louise rennison
24. 'stop in the name of pants! louise rennison
25. 'house rules' jodi picoult
26. 'are these my basoomas i see before for?' louise rennison

a bit of fluff at the moment. sorry about this. i'm going through a phase i think...
17. is a continuation of the lily bard series that charlaine harris wrote. there are only 5 of them and i got them all in the one big omnibus. a bit daunting before you convince yourself there are actually five books in there and it's not just one.
i like these books. they're not hard to read. they're not overly believable either. things seemed to be solved quickly at the end and without any real explanation as to how they were solved sometimes. but if you're after something that is an easy read that won't tax your brain at all, then these are fine.

18-21. started as a curiosity. saw the first book in a shop and decided to give it a try since the show was on t.v. not that i'd actually seen it yet, but i was in the mood for something new. it got to the stage where i went back to the shop and bought the following three in the series. there are still more, but they're on order through ebay at the moment since i can't find them at any bookstore around here. actually, i'd have thought there was not much else after the 4th book but i guess i'll find that out when the books get here.
it's an interesting world the books have put us into. i guess money can't buy everything and these girls have secrets. secrets that only a girl that has been missing for the last three years knew about. or so they thought.
the best thing about these books was the you really didn't know who was behind all the messages until near the end, but then it made sense. they are an easy read, as i've stated i'm into that at the moment. but they are also entertaining. some of the time you want to slap the characters in the book, but i guess that's part of getting into a series.

22-24 & 26. this finishes off the georgia nicholson series from louise rennison. a bit of a guilty pleasure i think. i feel this way almost every time i read something from the teen fiction section. i think it's because i feel i should be over these types of books already, but they're so damn enteretaining! i can't help myself.
she is completely insane and totally self absorbed, but you have to love georgia. she's a teenage girl and i honestly think that rennison has captured that age really, really well. it's almost a shame that they've finished now. although i was quite happy with the ending, it was fairly predictable, but at the same time i think that's kind of what is expected when you're writing for that age group (like 'breaking dawn' but that's another story). i don't think i'll read her next series, but i did enjoy these ones. they are very funny.

25. is another jodi picoult. does this lady ever write a crap book? true, i don't read as many as i used to and there are quite a few that i haven't read yet, but i was happy to be loaned this one and i thought it was fantastic.
about a boy with asperger's, it deals with how someone afflicted in this way sees the world. i am a teacher and i see this in some of the children we teach, but this book opens your eyes to what really happens in there.
it also deals with people's perspective of asperger's and how they just don't understand and how actions and non-actions can be interpreted as something different.
definitely recommend this book, if for nothing else but an education into part of the autism spectrum.

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