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Dogs: Bullets & Carnage #5 by Shirow Miwa

This is a rather ultraviolent manga set in a dystopic future (well most dystopias are ultra violent). I’ve been waiting on this one for many months. Bishop, i.e. Ernst Rammsteiner, has gone missing after revealing he was Dr Eizensturen’s first failed experiment and shares a surname with Heine. We see him talking to a shadowy figure and is obviously involved in some political agenda (good or bad we’re not quite sure)

Badou has been lead into a trap by the ‘maestro,’ the man who killed Badou’s brother and put out young Badou’s eye. Suspecting a trap Badou had Mihai, former mob assassin follow him but things go sideways.

Heine and Naoto, along with Nil and Granny and the transgenic mutants who work for her are beset, like most of the town, by dog soldiers from below under the doctor and Giovanni’s control.

And that’s about all you get plot wise really. It’s mostly one long fight scene. Occasionally with violent manga you get that. It never fails to bore me. Sigh. Now I have another long wait to see more plot since I think this violent spate might be over with. I don’t mind fight scenes but I like plot, I like character’s talking in more than talking tough short and stupid phrases. Oh well. At least the fight scenes are well drawn.
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