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Fraggle Legends of the Ultimate Mouse

Legends of the Mouse Guard, vol. 1, by David Petersen et al
I was surprised that heroic storylines worked smoothly as short sketches. Analogous to one-shots, I suppose. The art, as always, was fracking gorgeous.
(51/200, 28/100)

Fraggle Rock, vol. 1, by Heather White et al
This was charming, and it was obvious that all the creators put their hearts into it - it was so well drawn and told - but for me, Fraggles just aren't Fraggles without the songs and voice acting. Ah well.
(52/200, 29/100)

Ultimate Spiderman vol 1: Power and Responsibility, by Brian Michael Bendis et al
I used to read Spider Man aloud to my cousin when he was a kid and I was a teenager. Reading the rebooted origin story brought back that feeling, but I think they are doing a better job this time around. Certainly a better job than my fuzzy memories. I didn't expect Spiderman to be the next series I glommed on to, but there it is.
(53/200, 30/100)

Bless This Mouse, by Lois Lowry, illustrated by Eric Rohmann (ARC)
There is a spark I expect from Lois Lowry books. It manifests one way in the serious books - say, _The Giver_ - and another in the comic ones - oh, Anastasia Krupnik, I <3 you still. But I couldn't find it in this competent little story of a community of mice living in a church. There was a glimmer here and there, mostly emanating from the character of Ignatious, but no *spark*. That said, when I was 7 or 8, and without knowing who wrote it, I would've torn through this like I tore through all the other anthropomorphic animal fiction I was reading at that age. I just wouldn't have reread it. I might've flipped through it several times, though - the illustrations are swell.
(55/200, 31/100)

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